Let’s play a game:

Your current season has ended and as a competitor/coach you begin to look forward to next season.  A year away from getting back at it again.  You’re handed a ‘goals sheet’ to fill out.  A ‘goals sheet’?  Now?  Yes, a goals sheet, and yes, now.

Carefully and well thought out, clearly defined and in full sentences, you put down on paper two or three individual and team goals for the upcoming season.  When you complete this simple but necessary task, you will more than likely notice the most commonly used words in the process is ‘want to’.  “I want to be All-Conference”, “I want to get bigger, stronger, faster” or “We want to win the League title”, “We want to go undefeated”.  You get the point.  To some, they’re merely words.  But to the ultimate competitor, these words take on a greater meaning.  A reflection of their true character and qualities they possess.  The Want To® is a thing.  It’s heart, dedication, commitment, passion, courage, focus.  How hard are you willing to work to achieve your goals?  Do you have heart and commitment, passion and courage? Are you dedicated?  Focused?

Whether its a game you’re playing, a career path you’re choosing or a relationship you’re pursuing, The Want To® holds the key to the success that lies ahead.

The work starts now. On your mark, get set, How BIG is your WANT TO?®